Exclusive Interview: Alex Peace

This week in the Artist Spotlight we have a true Chicago House Music legend. Alex Peace has been in the House Music scene for many years and is referred to as leader of the Chicago hard house movement. He has collaborated with artists such as Hatiras, Bad Boy Bill, Dj Bam Bam and many more. He’s released music on major labels including Defected, Ministry of Sound, and Ultra to name a few. Alex launched his very own label, Tru, just last week. We got the chance to have a little chat with Alex Peace, read the interview below.

Congratulations on the launch of your new label, Tru Musica! Tell us a little bit about it and what we can expect.

Thank you! I don’t have any expectations as to what you can hear with label. I’m simply looking for some dope tracks. Nothing will be off limits. House Music will be the core and if it “jacks”, then I would love to release it on Tru Musica.

Now that you have your own record label, what are some of your goals for the label and yourself as an artist?

Tru Musica is my 2nd label.  My 1st label was FADEDMUZIK and this will now be the parent company to multiple labels on Beatport.  As an artists, I have taken a step back. Actually a few steps back. I guess you can say I’ve started over. I created a new music profile known as MARTIN EZ. I have a new perspective and a new view on how I want to approach my music. I’ve seen the music industry change. In a good & bad way but the most important thing to realize is that Electronic Music has exploded and is a big part of pop culture. With that being said, I wanted to start over. While my name is associated with Chicago House Music, I felt like I needed a fresh start , learn from my mistakes as Alex Peace and focus on content instead of the vanity which has plagued and poisoned peoples’ perception on what House Music is. I’m not out to change people’s views, I simply want to embrace and love this thing called House. The same way I did when I first fell in love with it. More importantly, the change was for me and I feel my productivity and quality reflects that. This summer alone, I released 6 tracks as Martin EZ. That’s more then I’ve released in the past 3 years as Alex Peace.

How did you first discover House Music?

Like most, I discovered House Music in the clubs. I met some amazing people and we began a crew. Every Friday & Saturday Night we would be at a club. Dancing to different Dj’s and absorbing the culture. Some of the guys in our crew had Turntables and I slowly gravitated to the art form. Of DJing. The more I experienced, the more I fell in love with House Music. An infatuation turned into a hobby. A hobby turned into love and love turned into a career. Like I said before, my focus is to get back the LOVE of House Music.

You’ve been in the music industry for many years now. How has the evolution of House Music impacted your career and your own music?

The evolution of House Music has blessed me with many new opportunities. But it was also hard for me when I felt I wasn’t doing enough in my career to keep up with the pace. When you strip it all down, we are all on the same level, on the same grind. Chasing success just so we can keep chasing it the next level. It never ends. Once you get a taste, all you want is more.

To answer your question, the biggest impact happened a little over a year ago. I was resenting the music biz and all that came with it. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally I was a mess. I left Chicago to regroup, to get closer with my family and get closer with God. I returned as a new person, ready to make new music.

When you sit down in the studio, where do you find your inspiration to write new music?

My ideas and creativity come from the influence of other producers and their music. But my inspiration comes from from my soul mate. Her love makes my world a happier place and the best things come from love & happiness.

What was your favorite set that you ever played?

I don’t think I can recall a favorite set to be honest. There have definitely been some magical nights and I’m grateful for every show I get to play. I pride myself in being able to play multiple genre’s. To be able to walk into any room, assess the atmosphere and have the music library to bring up the energy level. I will say that I love playing every Tuesday at Evil Olive for the Trap House After Party. I play new music every week and NEVER rely on the obvious club bangers. It is quietly becoming a very influential night of music . DJ’s are able to release with out limitations or having to play a particular format and the people are so receptive.  

What do you have coming up that we should all keep an eye out for?

I’m all about hustling my ambition and I have so many things in motion related to music, fashion and nightlife. Here are a few things to look out for.

MORE music by Martin EZ and collaborations with Brian Boncher. I have some dope releases scheduled every month on Tru Musica and I’m particularly excited for the new release by Rubb Sound System (Brian Boncher & Rees Urban) which will be available October 28th on Beatport.

BassRoxx.com is a music inspired apparel company that I started with DJ Bam Bam. The site is doing great and we are ecstatic with all the support we’ve been getting throughout the country. If you like comfortable T-Shirts, pay us a visit and check out our new designs & apparel every month.

I have some cool concepts in the works with Brotinez and The Trap House Crew. They’re young, they’re hungry and they get it.

Brian Boncher and I started “Advance DJ Service”. We are a Mobil Dj Company which covers a full spectrum of DJ Services including but not limited to Mobile, Wedding & Corporate Events, Wedding Officiating, Audio Editing & Custom Production for Performances, MC, Music Programming for your business and Private DJ & Production lessons. Check us out at http://advancedjservice.com OR https://www.facebook.com/advancedjservice1/info for more details.


Lastly, I host a party on the last Tuesday of the month called “Tru Friends”. This night exclusively features music producers who are busy in the studio and don’t have the time to network to get gigs. Speaking from experience, they need an outlet to test new music and the back room of Evil Olive is perfect.

Don’t forget to tune into The Electric Playground which airs Saturdays Nights 10PM-4AM on 101.1 WKQX FM/HD1 and is also available on iHeartRadio. 





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