Exclusive Interview: Statik

This week we interviewed Chicago’s very own, Statik. He talks about how he first got into producing music, his current position at a professional studio, and a few upcoming releases. Read the full interview below.
How did you first get into the music scene? 
The music scene started for me at an early age. I played drums and guitar for a few different cover bands until high school where i really got into producing beats and recording hip hop. After high school i moved out to Breckenridge CO where the whole underground EDM scene that was evolving fell right into my lap. This house, dub step, electro funk music had really grabbed my attention. After DJing a couple venues and house parties I started producing and studying the music i was spinning. From there on electronic music production and audio engineering became a dedicated part of my life. A year later i came back to Chicago and performed with United2nite all over the city and attending college at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy for studio recording. Also when Statik came about.
Tell us about a little bit about your current position at the studio. How did it come about? What do you do there? How does it influence your personal career?
I came across Strobe Recording studio my last year of college. I had to have emailed 10 studios looking for an internship and ended up becoming the assistant engineer here within a few weeks. Turned out pretty clutch with timing. They really needed someone to run the boards.
On the daily I do things like booking, gear maintenance, and of course recording, mixing and mastering. Everyone wants a big pristine or vintage sound to their music which is hard to come by without professional analog gear and expertise, thats where we come in. But aside from engineering Strobe has a huge impact. I’m beginning to have a better understanding and appreciation for music. Some of the guys who’ve come in here play with top artists and it’s really inspiring to be able to record them and capture that moment in time. Not only is it inspiring to make more music, but it changes the foundation i create my songs with. The foundation for my recent EP A Shift in The Paradigm
Whats you’re favorite record of all time?
My favorite record of all time has to be has to be Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd. They painted the most unreal soundstage and Alan Parsons did the most incredible job of recording and mixing the record. I think Mad Liberation by GRiZ has to be the most played album in my iTunes though…
What is your favorite party in Chicago?
I go to a lot of shows downtown and in Wicker park, but for the most part i find myself at United2nite events.
What do you like to do when you’re not working on music/DJing?
Hang out with the girlfriend, smoke a lot of weed 🙂
What is your opinion on the current EDM scene? 
There is way to much criticism and drama in EDM now-a-days. It’s just music…plain and simple. I think that EDM is getting a bad name due to the fact that that electronic dance music can seem robotic at times, especially when some artists are going up on stage and hitting play with no improvisation. It misses the human element. I think its becoming more common now to expire the hybrid of acoustic and electronic.
What do you think will be the next big thing in EDM?
The next big thing is EDM is already taking place…Live instrumentation. On stage or in the studio.
Is there any upcoming releases/shows we should keep an eye out for?
I’m in the midst of finishing a huge funk collaboration with a artist named Flightmaster. Also I just released a 5 song Electro Soul EP titled “A Shift in The Paradigm” you can check it out on sound cloud. Thanks!
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