Exclusive Interview: Delusive

What made you want to start DJing/producing?

What made me start Dj/Producing was just getting one of the best feelings from music and seeing that I was born to do this.

Who is your biggest influence(s)?

Kaskade & Pierce Fulton!

Whats you’re favorite record of all time?

Def a tough one there is so many I got but Kaskade – Turn It Down is just something else to me… Everytime I hear or play that song I get one of the best feelings ever!

What is your favorite party in Chicago?

Lot of favorite parties but def love the MID & Bevy PureSoul Monthly Takeovers. Everytime I play at these I always have one of the best times.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

Def Pierce Fulton, he’s been killin’ it lately and has a very similar style to me
What’s the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you at a show?
Prob what every other DJ goes through sometime pressing the CUE when a song is playing hahah

What do you like to do when you’re not working on music/DJing?

Just chill out but I work on music nonstop hahah

What is your opinion on the current EDM scene?

Lot of opinions both good and bad but I think it kinda went to shit.. Def not the same as it has been back in the day. Concerts/Festivals and all are just not the same anymore.. too much people just for the drugs and hype & not for Music… Music is getting bad too people just try to make bangers & fail and aren’t really making what they wanna make or putting a lot of effort or feelings into their music

What do you think will be the next big thing in EDM?

Next big thing is prob Future House & Melbourne Bounce… Been seeing it pop out a lot lately 

Is there any upcoming releases/shows we should keep an eye out for?

A LOT of upcoming shows/releases from me…. Starting it off with the Paint Party @ H.O.M.E July 26th. I just released a Mashup Pack for reaching 2,000 fans and now currently working on an EP which should be out sometime this Summer then planning an US tour in Fall ! Also got my Monthly Podcasts @ www.delusiveofficial.podomatic.com


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