Exclusive Interview: Bisharat

This week we have Bisharat in the artist spotlight. Bisharat is the co-founder of  The Pool House, which is a party that focuses on Chicago’s underground house music scene. Aside from that, Bisharat has held residencies at some of Chicago’s finest clubs including Spybar and The Mid. He has played alongside internationally known artists such as Miguel Campbell, Mark Knight, and Maya Jane Coles.

What made you want to start DJing/producing?

I’ve been involved with music my entire life. At an early age I picked up a guitar and practiced everyday with a couple friends and started a band when I was about 14 years old. I first got into producing when MTV music generator came out in 2001 for playstation. I originally borrowed it from a friend and I would spend countless hours after school making hip-hop tracks. Djing came a few years later when I would mess around on my brothers turntables. It wasn’t until 2009 that I began to take it serious and spent all my money on a new pair of CDJ’s

Who is your biggest influence(s)?

My biggest influences today have to be Audiofly, Danny Daze, & Adriatique to name a few. They each pioneered their own sound that inspires me to continue to do what I do

Whats you’re favorite record of all time?

Growing up I was a huge Metallica fan. Till this day, I would have to say my favorite record is a tie between “and Justice for all” and their “Black” album. I can listen to both from beginning to end repeatedly

What is your favorite party in Chicago?

Of course I’m gonna say The Pool House lol, but honestly our fans are the reason why I love the party. Watching everyday, hardworking people get lost in the music I love is an amazing feeling. I also love showcasing underground talent and taking my turn on the dancefloor when I’m not DJing. The party always feels like one big happy family.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

I’d love to collab with any of my influences listed above. It’s always fun to create and learn with someone who is the very reason why I make music

What’s the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you at a show?

Luckily nothing really embarrassing has happened yet. One fear I have is when you run into a faulty CDJ that thinks you’ve touched the tabletop in vinyl mode and it temporarily stops the music. It happens more often than it should, but luckily nothing serious yet

What do you like to do when you’re not working on music/DJing?

I love watching sports, especially football and boxing

What is your opinion on the current EDM scene?

It is what it is, I’m not gonna judge others taste in music. When I heard Pitbull sampled a popular deep house track by Ifinity Ink, I wasn’t angry. At the end of the day its bound to happen sooner or later, and it exposes the music I love to newcomers, even if it’s only a sample.

What do you think will be the next big thing in EDM?

That’s a tough question. I can only hope fans begin to stray away from all the noise and begin to appreciate music with a little more groove and soul

Is there any upcoming releases/shows we should keep an eye out for?

Definitely a lot of cool shows coming up especially with summer around the corner. A couple new afterhours will be opening up that I will be a part of that will also host top talent from around the world. I also have some really cool releases coming out that I cant mention due to label constraints, but they will all be released between May-July so look out for that.

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